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Our processes are finely tuned to produce any type of Ejector Sleeve. Whether thick or thin walled; straight, stepped, or multi-stepped; or based on any other configuration, CC Mold will produce a world-class ejector sleeve, custom made to meet your needs.

Our Advantages:

  • ISO9001:2015 and RoHS Certified.
  • Standard ejector sleeves have a stock, rapid turnaround and on-time delivery.
  • Any industry standards and any unusual types can be customized.
  • Tight tolerances, thin walls, and long, deep holes.
  • No MOQ
  • Higher Quality, Favourable Price
Straight Ejector Sleeve

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What is Ejector Sleeve?

The Ejector Sleeve is a metal hollow tube which can be used to eject the part or serve as a bushing for the ejector pin. The function of an ejector sleeve in a mould is to eject either an entire finish molded piece part or apply ejection force to some portion of the molded piece part to assist with part ejection, in combination with other ejection features designed into the mold.
There are also cases where the ejector sleeve contributes to partial ejection or repositioning of the molded part, or the sleeve functions to “shut off” some feature for multi-shot molding. These later ejector sleeve applications function principally to support the multi-shot requirement and tend to be challenging as well as unique.

How many types of ejector Sleeve?

According to shape classification, there are 3 types of ejector pins: Straight ejector pin, Stepped (Shoulder) ejector pin and Flat (Rectangular / Blades) ejector pin. CC Mold can manufacturing all the kinds of high precision ejector pins, the non-standard also can be produced.

How many ways are there to treat the surface of ejector sleeve?

Generally, there are vacuum, nitriding, DLC, TiN and other treatment methods. Vacuumed or nitrided are most commonly used, For the medical molds, or other molds requiring high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, ejector with DLC or TiN coating is a good choice.

What is the material of ejector sleeve made of?

The most commonly used materials are SKD61 and SKH51 mold steels, and some customers will require stainless steel, or beryllium copper.

Do you accept customize products?

Certainly, all the types of ejector pins can be customized according to your requirements. We have 20 years of experience in OEM/ODM.

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